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Advantage of LED solar street light

  • Author:pearl
  • Release on:2019-01-28
First   Green and Energy saving

     The biggest advantage of solar street light is energy saving, which is why the public is more willing to accept this new product. This kind of product, which can convert the nature sunshine into its own energy, can indeed reduce a lot of power consumption. With the development of city construction, the investment of street light is more than before. The extensive application of solar street light saves considerable energy for the country every day.

 Second  Safety,  Stability and Reliability
     Safety, before there have been many hidden problems of city street lights, some because the construction quality is not up to the standard, some because of aging materials, or power supply disorders and other reasons, but it has to be admitted that the power supply of street lights has indeed brought a certain negative impact on people's lives. Solar street light is a kind of product which does not need AC. It use LiFePo4 battery which can absorb solar energy and convert it into needed electric energy automatically. It has high safety performance. The LiFePo4 battery installed in the lamp housing greatly reduces the risk of battery theft.

 Third   Green environmental protection
     Many people will doubt whether this product through solar energy will produce some polluting elements in the process of transformation. Science has proved that the solar street light will release any elements that will pollute the environment in the whole process of transformation. And there are no radiation problems, which is completely in line with the current concept of green environmental protection products.

 Forth  Durable and Practical

     In fact, the quality of many electric street lights is not good, because they are exposed to the air for a long time and suffer from the bad weather of wind and sunshine, so their wiring, lamp shades and even light bulbs will be greatly affected. At present, the lifespan of LED solar street lights is generally 15-20 years, and LiFePo4 battery are generally about 5-8 years.

 Fifth   Lower Maintenance

     With the continuous expansion of urban construction, many remote areas also have street lights and other equipment. At that time, in those relatively remote small areas, if there is a problem in power generation or transmission, maintenance costs are very high, not to mention the street lights which have only been popularized in recent years, so we often see that street lights in the countryside are always very economical. Now this kind of solar street light only needs to be checked in a fixed time. Compared with ordinary street light, the maintenance cost of solar street light is very low.

  In short, the advantages of solar street light are irreplaceable. Solar street light uses solar power generation, lithium battery storage, and controller to control the charging and discharging of lithium battery. During the day, when the solar light shines on the surface of the solar panel, the electric energy generated by the solar cell charges the lithium battery through the controller. At night, the light gradually weakens, and the working voltage and current of the solar panel battery decrease continuously. When the working voltage is less than the set voltage of the controller, the controller starts to start the load. At this time, the solar street light is self-supporting. When the time is set or the ambient light is too strong, the controller automatically closes the load, and the solar panels begin to charge, thus continuously circulating. LED solar street light is the future direction of street lamp development.  

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