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Lighting world

Situation (a) the lighting industry

1, the market share of internationally renowned brand of lighting and its impact on the Chinese lighting market lighting products available now has a long history, but as an industry is not a long time to develop, to date, the industry of ' Lighting was to scale, brand-oriented direction. Within the hour mark in the world, best known simply these few: Philips, Ou Silang, GE, Panasonic, Thorn, Clipsal, Cooper, Matt, etc., in recent years, the share of total sales of these enterprises accounted for 60 worldwide more than -80%, while the global economy towards closer integration and economic stagnation in Europe and America countries is the first step developed, very difficult to have great lighting company brand in the short term. With China's accession to the WTO and global economic development focus towards the Asia-Pacific region, especially China mainland tilt. The rapid economic development of China and the stability of the global industry, form a production center, in addition to the Chinese lighting company has brought boundless opportunities, but also accompanied by increasingly fierce competition. In recent years, with the penetration of foreign brands lighting companies, lighting companies in China is facing an even greater crisis, it is attached or removed? Smaller ones, funds are not abundant, low-tech lighting enterprise will quit, even a couple of brands of domestic lighting industry will also face foreign brands can be suppressed. As appliance giant TCL domestic industry to come forward, holding the banner of the revitalization of the national enterprises, in lighting, and in just three years, to order foreign counterparts envy impressive performance. 2, international brand home lighting performance early in the high-end market and the recent trend of foreign lighting companies need to join to Chinese lighting companies bring a sense of urgency, but also injected fresh vitality. Products of the first lighting of foreign brand, both in quality and appearance gave rise to the soul, the visual impact on the views of some leading foreign brands, advanced management and marketing for domestic enterprises a lot of inspiration, but also has its limitations foreign brands. The key is the same products of domestic lighting brand, respecting the differences between "different uniform price", resulting in long-term foreign brand lighting can only occupy the high-end market, while the market share of the low-end market has huge domestic enterprises are still left adequate space for development. In recent years, domestic brands were also individual slowly penetrate the high-end market.

(Ii) the development direction of the lighting business in China, the lighting market by only the current situation, there is great potential to be tapped. Although the high-end market, foreign brands still account for a share of statistically, in 2002, as follows: Philips 870 million, GE7 million, Matt 4000000, 3000000 Panasonic, Foshan Lighting 3 million Cooper 2 billion in the sun 130 million, Clipsal 080 million, 080 million Thorn (Unit: RMB). Single from the point of view of the data, enterprises home lighting seems to be quite a disadvantage, but we should see these foreign brands have to do the lighting for more than ten years, or even decades, while domestic brands have only a few years, especially from the establishment of the company is the lighting TCL to achieve today only a short period of two and a half years, it is clear dominance of the future will be the domestic brands. As the accumulation of product development, with companies home lighting have accumulated in the research and development of a mature product, gradually mastered the high-end technology, there will be a higher technological content of products sold on the market, this is TCL Lighting industry leading brands and national :( step by relationship development strategies TCL lighting, everyone has a clear understanding, I will say). A: improving the efficiency of the light and the technical parameters B: improved environmental performance and energy saving effect C: compact fluorescent light and miniaturization D: extensive use of new materials, environmental protection: the use of high technology (like for example nanomaterials) material, increasing added value products * energy (such as dimming, color, etc.), so that the cost performance is superior to other similar companies to improve product competitiveness. E: widespread application of electronic technology F: Outdoor lighting: This year will be fully launched outdoor lighting products, with particular attention to the following aspects reflect: ① to highlight its own characteristics, and strive to fashionable shape and unique, excellent technology . ② the most important areas of service: product positioning, product lines and strive wide, all conventional products as much as possible to do the whole, continue to launch flood lighting, garden lighting, street lighting, industrial lighting and other variety. Launched in different types of products, high-tech, style unique products lead the market to achieve the purpose. To tie in outdoor products marketing, the company will introduce a complete support service, supporting an initial offer in the services of pre-design that can be designed according to customer intent contour lighting, lighting design, local design accent lighting, and it has rendered Demos, may need to be adjusted with the customer, until the customer satisfied. Design will highlight energy conservation, with an emphasis on the environment in general, reduce light pollution and so on. G: solar power technology is mature H: luminaires and lighting systems more advanced I: source: the company has completed lighting products technical reserves, more than 30 engineers with professional light source, the light source is accelerating product development, is expected to T5, T8 straight pipe products will be at the end of this year on the market, car lights, sodium, metal halide lamps and other special light sources, will also be fully put on the market in 2004.